Yarning Circles – Preston Campbell – Knowledge is Power

On Monday, the 1 st June, some of our students were super excited to participate in the first “Online
Yarning Circles” as a part of the NRL School to Work Program. It was very special for our students to
hear from the NRL legend Preston Campbell and his friend Clinton Toopi this week.
Yarning Circles have been used for thousands of years in Aboriginal Culture to; build respectful and
trusting relationships, preserve and pass on knowledge, foster community connections, and
provide a safe place to discuss and be heard.
The Online Yarning Circles is an initiative of the NRL School to Work Program to culturally connect
with the students in the program, and provide them with access to successful and positive
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander role models. By sharing their stories and personal journeys it
will help inspire, motivate and support the next generation of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Leaders.
This was a great opportunity to connect and hear from one of our most loved NRL Legends of the
game, and listen to his personal journey of determination, resilience and strength.
The Zoom session coincided with Reconciliation Week themed “We are all in this Together’ and the
recommencement of the 2020 NRL season.
Preston was very engaging and provided the students with some very sound advice. We can all learn
from his wise words.
* Knowledge is power.
* Connection to country is very important.
* Sometimes we all have to get out of our comfort zone and learn something different. This
will allow us to gain more confidence.
* Always give yourself the opportunity to learn new things.
* Don’t ever let people tell you that you can’t do stuff. Don’t be scared – go out and do what
you want to do.
* What makes us similar to others is what is important, not what makes us different.
* Talent is not enough, you need to work hard at your chosen sport or activities.
* Be as productive as possible and learn something new.
* Aim to be a leader – lead your community.
* Don’t ever underestimate what you can do for others and for yourself.
* Take pride in yourself and your community.
Thank you to the NRL School to Work Program for organising this powerful and thought provoking
Yarning Circle from Preston Campbell and Clinton Toopi.




05th Jun 2020