Can you follow the weather forecast on the nightly news?

If so you have been informed by a geography teacher in the past.

The aim of the Geography curriculum is to produce students who are active global citizens, equipped to assess current world issues, make informed decisions and act accordingly. Students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences including real world applications of the concepts and theory of the classroom by engaging in field work. Years 10 – 12 all engage in field work culminating in the Great Barrier Reef experience during their study of Threatened Ecosystems in Year 12.

Years 7-8

Provides students with the foundations for geographical inquiry by focussing on the acquisition of geographical skills and issues affecting the world.

Years 9-10 Elective

Extension Geography is designed for those students who have a passion for geography and wish to further pursue this interest.

Years 11-12

Allows students to further develop their geographical skills while build upon their critical thinking skills while focussing on contemporary geographical issues domestically and globally.