English and Drama

Engadine High School

A bit about English at EHS

At Engadine High School, our students learn to think clearly and critically through their study of English.  We embrace the essential elements of language, literacy, and literature.  We want our students to be: deep, critical thinkers; lovers of literature and reading; strong, powerful writers; and skilled, thoughtful citizens of the 21st century.

Engadine students have achieved excellent results in all levels of English, from the HSC to Year 7 NAPLAN.  Our students have consistently achieved above or at the state average in English, with outstanding results at the top of the state in English Extension 2, Extension 1, Advanced, and Standard. We have achieved the highest growth in the local area for literacy in areas of writing, spelling, and punctuation.  Our targeted and tailored literacy programs aim to support specific groups of learners in order for all students to achieve their very best.

We emphasise a structured approach to teaching writing through the use of school-wide paragraph and essay models.  Our classrooms embrace a range of learning approaches to diversify the learning experience.  Digital technology, active learning, embedded literacy, creative writing, and critical thinking feature regularly in our English classrooms.  Our Junior English programs are designed to build and develop student skills to prepare them for both Year 12 and the real world beyond the classroom.. 



Write Now!
Think Quick

  • What’s your opinion?
  • Can you persuade the reader?
  • Can you argue with proof and evidence?
  • Engage critically with the issues of our world?
  • Is the pen mightier than the sword?
  • Why are we so fascinated with crime in our society?
  • Love English as much as we do and you will be able to answer these questions and more!



Make your voice heard - our public speaking programs aim to build real-life skills in presenting and speaking to audiences.


We feature Drama as part of our English courses and as a subject unto itself, and work closely with the Performing Arts to enrich student learning. 

Wide Reading

Developing lifelong readers by encouraging students to follow their passions and read their favourite series and topics.


We embrace one of the hardest challenges of high school – writing essays.  Our students become confident and fluent writers.


Students can participate in debating skills workshops and represent the school in competitions - and learn to argue their point!


We feature a literature-rich scope and sequence that aims to challenge students with the best of our cultural traditions.