Student Sustainability Council

A World Worth Living In: Working Today for a Better Tomorrow

Things don’t always take care of themselves; she’ll be right mate is not always true. Timely and compelling, it is this generation that must and will make a difference for our school, our shire, our country and a world worth inheriting by our children. The voice of motivated young people is powerful and a force in which Engadine High School rests optimism and hope for the future.


It is of no surprise that at this school the Student Sustainability Council is recognised as a leading and dynamic team of student leaders. It is proactive involvement in a range of school- and community- based projects that is changing the hearts, minds and actions of how we value and protect our world.

The sustainability program at E.H.S offers a range of opportunities for all students including involvement in community of schools (COSOP) initiatives, herb and vegie gardening, bush regeneration, native plant propagation, weed control programs, direction action campaigns, recycling, energy efficiencies, and participation in sustainable living events.

The School Sustainability Council (SSC) provides students with an avenue to develop their leadership skills through participation in events such as the Community of Schools on the Park (COSOP) Sustainability Camp and the Youth Eco Summit. Students also lead fundraising initiatives that fund the development of the school’s sustainability area.

SSC students provide guidance to their peers about sustainable living through their promotion and involvement in world-wide initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day, Earth Hour and National Tree Day.

The SSC provides students an avenue to bring positive changes to the school and community in the area of sustainability.