Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of students elected by their peers and teachers. Six students are elected to represent each year group, with two representatives from the Support Unit. Year 11 SRC members are allocated to a year group in the capacity as mentors. The SRC meets daily for Roll Call in the Library and for meetings that follow formal meeting procedures.

The SRC works as an advocate for the needs of the school community, and as a point of contact between the student body and the school. It addresses relevant issues and sets achievable goals which support the school. The SRC aims to develop leadership skills, ensure student views are heard in decision-making processes, empower students to contribute to a positive school culture and strengthen the school community through active participation. The SRC has a strong social justice focus, and most of the projects they undertake share an underlying theme of helping others and promoting equality in the school and the wider community.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of students elected by their peers and teachers. Six students are elected to represent each year group with two representatives from the Support Unit. The SRC meets daily for roll call and regularly for meetings that follow formal meeting procedures.

YEAR 7 - Kirby Exton, Lanna Hamilton, Shae Hamilton-Foster, Joseph Harrison, Chloe Holmes, Blake Isemonger, Sophie Kay, Charli Yeats

YEAR 8 - Imagen Bursill, Luke Christie, Aurelia Farr, Zyles Grieff, Eleanor Long, Felcitiy Ryan-Sweeney, Jackson Sloggett, Freddie Stamps

YEAR 9 - Stephanie Duric, Piper Ferguson, Chelsea Holmes, Zack Johnson, Dane Nelson, William Nesevski, Madison Rea, Tabitha Sharp, Reagan Shields

YEAR 10 - Grace Christie, Liam Clark, Damon Goodyer, Tarleigh Grieff, Raina Mifsud, Lachie McRae,Caitlin Vella, Callum Vella

YEAR 11 - Nellie Breese, Gabe Coggan, Elyshia Condren, Lachlan Crawford, Isla Evans, Jackson Heffernan, Maximus O'Shea, Ella Short, Mia Werrett, Tom Werrett, Tanisha Witt

Year 7 - Georgia Conway, Aurelia Farr, Zyles Grieff, Riley McRae, Brook Pokorny, Jackson Sloggett

Year 8 - Piper Ferguson, Chelsea Holmes, Bree Williams , James Hards, Bradley Janbroers, William Nesevski and Reagan Shields

Year 9 - Grace ChristieTarleigh GrieffCaitlin VellaJake CooperJoel Parker and Callum Vella

Year 10 - Nellie Breese, Cassie Hilton, Leanna Snudden, Mia Werrett, Tanisha Witt, Nicholas Bell and Connor Kalikazaros

Year 11 -Lucy Annan, Mahika Dave, Tillie Osgood, Paege O’Shea, Hannah Vitelli, Toby Bartley, Joshua Gersback, Mitchell Kemlo, Daniel Pascoe and Owen Sloggett

Chairperson – Jayden Fraser, Secretary and Treasurer – Emily Lumsden

YEAR 7 - Piper Ferguson, James Hards, Bradley Janbroers, Madison Rea, Reagan Shields, Bree Williams  

YEAR 8 - Grace Christie, Rylee Martin, Ruby Reardon, Caitlyn Vella, Tom Horton, Hamish Jacka, Jacob Kirton and Callum Vella

YEAR 9 - Nellie Breese, Aneisha Hunt, Leanna Snudden, Mia Werrett, Tanisha Witt, Nicholas Bell and Daniel MacDonald

YEAR 10 - Lucy Annan, Elizabeth James, Emily Larsen, Skye Mortimer, Lukas Foyle, Mitchell Kemlo, Owen Sloggett, Jackson Smith and Ryan Tolley

YEAR 11 - Rhiahn Johnson, Emily Lumsden, Lenka Meakins, Jessica O’Meara, Amy Solylo, Kane Faust, Jayden Fraser, Keelan  Jenkins, Jacob Misfud, George Panteli  and Alec Richardson

Coordinators – Ms Tracey Miller, Mrs Elizabeth Annan and Mrs Sarina Wilson

YEAR 7 - Grace Christie, Mackenzi Exton, Caitlyn Vella, Hamish Jacka, Jacob Kirton and Callum Vella 

YEAR 8 - Nellie Breese, Aneisha Hunt, Mia Werrett, Oscar McCubben, Tom Werrett and Taylor Wood

YEAR 9 - Lucy Annan, Jacob Bornholdt, Keira McKay, Skye Mortimer, Tessa Standen, Mitchell Kemlo, Owen Sloggett and Jackson Smith

YEAR 10 - Emily Lumsden, Lenka Meakins, Jessica O'Meara, Hayley Wilson, Jayden Fraser, Keelan Jenkins, Eric Raymond and Zachery Zammit

YEAR 11 - Lili Donald, Samantha Hill, Olivia Langfield, Annabelle McTaggart, Gabi Mee, Donald Bartley, Max Hanna, Hayden Sloggett, Joshua Warren and Evan Williams

Upcoming Events

  • Stewart House Fundraiser
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Our Big Kitchen

SRC and Social Justice Activities

40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge - raised $11,202 for World Vision projects addressing the global refugee crisis. We are the highest fundraising public school in Australia. Year 9 raised $3720, Year 8 raised $3065 and Year 7 raised $2511

Footy Colours Day - $1500 –2019 member of the Premiership Club

CanTeen’s Bandanna Day – $928

Legacy Day – 9 students sold merchandise in Engadine collecting $728

Romani Abamecha - Sponsor Child from Ethiopia – PLAN International - $825 raised to cover Romani’s fees

Bushfire Appeal - $730 to WIRES and $330 to the Salvation Army

World’s Greatest Shave – Year 12 Project – over $55,000 – EHS was the top public school fundraiser in NSW

World Vision Youth Conference – 25 Year 11 Leaders attended at UNSW

2019 SRC Student Leadership Conference- “The future is ours” –Stephanie Duric and Chelsea Holmes -5 day conference in Murrumbateman

NRL School to Work Program – support for senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Make a Difference Day at Parliament House - Lara Proctor and Tabitha Sharp

2019 Young Women’s Leadership Seminar to commemorate International Women’s Day at Parliament House–Olivia Mazzuoli and Caitlin Vella

2019 NRL All Stars Indigenous Youth Summit in Melbourne – Liam Clark, Rhiannan Eve, Owen Shaw and Lara Towner

Year 7 Project – Footy Colours Day – Fight Cancer Foundation

Year 8 Project – The Smith Family Toy and Book Christmas Appeal

Year 9 Project – CanTeen’s Bandanna Day

Year 10 Project – Romani – our sponsor child fundraising and teaching HSIE lessons

Year 11 Project – 40 Hour Famine Back Pack Challenge and mentoring year group projects

Cultural Connections Program – Youth Refugee Forum, EHS and Beverly Hills Girls Cultural Exchange, CommUNITY Showcase

Premier’s Gala Concerts – International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour – 45 student volunteers from CAFS, Child Studies, SRC and SSC

Orana NSW – donation of numerous hand knitted woollen blankets to be distributed to disadvantaged families

Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal – 20 student volunteers collected donations in Engadine

Red Cross Calling – 12 student volunteers collected donations in the Sutherland Shire

Our Big Kitchen – Bondi – 35 students prepared, cooked and packaged nutritious meals for Sydney’s disadvantaged

Books for Zim – 50 boxes of books for school and community libraries in Zimbabwe

Mahiba Project – 50 boxes of books and library resources for school and community libraries in Sierra Leone

Plan International Conference Call and interview with Year 10 SRC members re fundraising and teaching program for our sponsor child

Dharawal Language and Culture Camp in the Royal National Park – 9 students attended

Aunty Deanna’s Cultural Information and Information Workshop sponsored by the Cronulla Sharks – 30 students participated

2019 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veteran’s Commemoration Ceremony at Hyde Park – 8 students attended

National Reconciliation Week – Grounded in Truth – Walk Together with Courage – recognition and embedded lessons across KLAs

STEM Youth Development Camp in Berry – 4 students attended

Cultural Awareness and Aboriginal Painting Workshop for senior students – Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club – 4 students attended

One Mob Film Crew – responsible for filming during One Mob Day and Reconciliation Week and on the Top End Adventure

International Year of Indigenous Languages – increasing Library resources

Harmony Day – “Everyone Belongs” – whole school celebrations and embedded lessons across Key Learning Areas (KLAs), teacher profiles

Kinokuniya Bookshop Origami Apatosaurus Guinness Book of Records Challenge – record broken with EHS contributing 1092 Apatosaurus

Wear it Purple Day – “Be Proud of Who You Are” - whole school celebrations including assemblies and embedded lessons across KLAs

Aboriginal Dance Workshop at Sydney Dance Company – 8 students participated

Aboriginal Dance Ensemble – Gili Dancers – 3 students reselected –Stephanie Duric, Mirren Shaw and Allirah Taylor

One Mob Day at Endeavour High – 18 students, cultural and traditional games, dance, entertainment and health activities

NAIDOC Week – Voice, Treaty, Truth – recognition and embedded lessons across KLAs

Membership of Amnesty International Australia

White Ribbon Campaign – participating in the march from Woolooware to Cronulla, formal assemblies and primary school workshops

International Women’s Day celebrations and class based activities

Top End Adventure to Darwin and surrounds – 44 students on tour and school exchanges for 10 days. Presentations to both Sutherland Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and to the Premier of NSW and Mr Lee Evans at Parliament House

Back2Engadine Day – 50th anniversary celebrations and Yarrawarrah Public School 50th Anniversary Fete

Deadly Kids Doing Well Award 2019 – Stephanie Duric

Zonta 2019 Year 10 Community Service Award – Lara Proctor

TransGrid Indigenous Achievement Award Semi Finalist – Liam Clark

SRC 2019 - Chairpersons - Grace Christie and Liam Clarke

Year 7 –Tara Cousins, Brooke Pollard, Sophie Weppler, Hunter Bassett, Luke Carter-Benjamin, Dallon Coates

Year 8 –Kirby Exton, Lanna Hamilton, Shae Hamilton-Foster, Chloe Holmes, Ryan Britt, Kadel Coddington, Jasper Luck

Year 9 –Imagen Bursill, Olivia Coggan, Aurelia Farr, Saskia Kelly, Ellie Long, Jackson Sloggett

Year 10 – Jeremy Cheang, Stephanie Duric, Chelsea Holmes, Dane Nelson, Lara Proctor, Tabitha Sharp, Reagan Shields, Matthew Wheatley

Year 11 – Grace Christie, Liam Clarke, Felicity Couvoutsakis, Jake Cooper, Kyle Fahey, Damon Goodyer, Tarleigh Grieff, Jess Janssen, Ryle Martin, Olivia Mazzouli, Lachie McRae, Raina Mifsud, Caitlin Vella

Coordinators– Ms Tracey Miller, Mrs Elizabeth Annan, Mr Dylan Nigro

Legacy A Day with the Naval Forces at Garden Island – 5 students attended they were among the top 10 fundraisers across Sydney 
World Vision Youth Conference – 25 Year 11 leaders attended at the International Convention Centre
University of Wollongong Elevate Young Leaders Forum 2017 – 4 students attended over 2 days 
Amnesty International New South Wales Annual Schools Conference – 18 Year 9 students participated
2017 SRC Student Leadership Conference – “It Starts with Us” – Grace Christie and Caitlin Vella attended a 5 day conference in Murrumbateman, NSW
NSW Schools Constitutional Convention at Parliament House – Paege O’Shea
Model United Nation Assembly (MUNA)-Parliament House– Ruth O’Brien, Mahika Dave, James Mitreski and Paege O’Shea