Legacy's "A Day with the Forces" - The Australian Army

Engadine High School

As a special thank you for their invaluable assistance during the 2017 Legacy Badge Day Brad Janbroers and Zack Johnson from Year 9 were invited to attend a ‘Day with the Army’ at Holsworthy Barracks.

A Day with the Forces is an opportunity for Legacy to thank their student volunteers for their hard work and commitment on Badge Day. Legacy Divisions nominate their best performing students to go into a random draw for an opportunity to participate in this amazing experience.

On the day, students had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the Barracks and participate in various activities around the base.

From Brad and Zack:

On the 26th of March, we went to the Australian Army Base in Holsworthy. We were invited to spend the day learning about the army, as we were two of the top sellers and performers on Legacy Day in 2017. We were joined by other school students from all over Sydney. We learnt the roles people play in the army and how they accomplish their tasks. We were able to go inside the vehicles, learn more about the army and participate in a water obstacle course, where we had to traverse the obstacles in full army fatigues. It was quite a challenge! We learnt about the support the army provides to many Australians, such as free tuition and free medical and dental services.

Overall, it was a great experience that will  help us to make decisions about a future career in the Forces. We would like to thank Legacy for the opportunity.