40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge

Engadine High School

We are the highest fundraising public school in Australia!

We are the 11th highest fundraising school in Australia!

We are the 6th highest fundraising school in NSW!

Over 60 of our students and their generous sponsors have raised an incredible $9,907 during the 2019 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge. The efforts of our students will have an enormous impact on the lives of children and families caught up in the refugee crisis. Our students are helping to change the lives of the most vulnerable people and children in our world forever by giving them access to an education, medical care, clean water and so much more. We are extremely proud of our students.

A message from World Vision:

“We at World Vision, are humbled by their eagerness to make a difference in our world, and grateful for your efforts to create empathy in their hearts, in Australia’s next generation and leaders, so thank you!”

We have raised $10,000! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Year 9 - $3,606

Year 8 - $3,065

Year 7 - $2,310

Year 11 - $790

Year 10 - $781

TOTAL = $10,000

Special congratulations to our highest fundraiser, Sharni Anttilla in Year 9, who raised an incredible $1,132.

Donations continue to trickle in, these will close at the end of September.

See our school page for more details at: https://www.40hourfamine.com.au/school?id=S101279701