Premier’s Gala Concerts

Engadine High School

On Friday the 6th of April, the Year 10 and 11 SRC, along with Year 10 Child Studies, Year 11 VET Entertainment and Year 11 Community and Family Studies (CAFS) classes, were once again invited to volunteer at the annual Premier’s Gala Day Concerts. Events and Sports Projects Australia (ESPA) coordinator, Emily Chandler, said “we would like to commend your school for their outstanding performance, as always it’s an absolute pleasure to have you on board”.

Mia Werrett from Year 11 CAFS and SRC reports:

The Gala Concert was one of the most rewarding days that I have taken part in. We were required to set up and put programs on 8000 chairs twice for both concerts, as well as usher and assist our senior citizens to their seats for the Concerts.

Throughout this event we were able to reach out as a school and communicate with the older generations of our wider community, which is an experience that we would otherwise have not been able to have.

The day began with an introduction by the coordinators explaining what needed to be done and how we were to handle certain situations. We were split off into groups under the guidance of TAFE students studying Event Management. We were required to place programs and a copy of Reader’s Digest on all seats in the International Convention Centre. Throughout this experience all students effectively connected as a team in order to help one another and ensure that all areas were finished in a very tight time frame.

We were then separated and positioned into certain areas awaiting to greet the patrons. The highlight of the day involved the numerous conversations and interactions we had while ushering the senior citizens, as we were able to connect with each person as we directed them to their seats.

We were able to have such a rewarding experience helping the wider community, as well as being surrounded by many amazing performers. The performers included Darren Coggan, Emma Pask, David Campbell and Marcia Hines. It was a fantastic concert. The Premier, Mrs Gladys Berejiklian MP also addressed the audience and thanked our senior citizens for their contributions to our society.

To have the opportunity to tangibly see and understand the difference our SRC and school are making in the community is truly amazing, and to have taken part in this day was spectacular and extremely rewarding. During the day we bonded as a team, worked exceptionally hard to reach our goal and separated ourselves from technology to be a part of something and help.

Engadine High School was awarded with a Certificate of Participation on behalf of the Premier of NSW as recognition of the hard work from all students involved.