Engadine High School

On Friday 16th March Year 8 celebrated National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence​. Together as a year group they came up with a number of ideas to create a world without bullying including: limiting screen time and activity on social media, eliminating the use of labelling and derogatory terms, treating people they way you would like to be treated, creating student led anti-bullying programs at school, speaking up about bullying and not being a bystander. These ideas were posted around the school and used as talking points in a number of social justice discussions in class. On Friday students wore orange accessories to promote the day at school and in their community. A number of Year 8 students also contributed to a video title "Imagine a world without bullying".​ We are so proud of our students for getting involved in this important day. We are continuing to work towards creating a bully free environment at our school.​