SRC/SSC Induction Ceremony

Engadine High School

We are very proud of our school leaders. The elected members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Student Sustainability Council (SSC) recently participated in a formal Induction Ceremony witnessed by many family members and staff.

It was wonderful to have so many families join us to celebrate their children's great achievements. A number of students delivered impassioned speeches reflecting on their time in the SRC and SSC.

Congratulations to all our elected leaders and enjoy the journey ahead.

Our key speaker’s reflections follow.

Nellie Breese is a Year 11 SRC member


I have been on the SRC since Year 7.  2018 will be my fifth year as a keen and passionate member, who has learnt many valuable and important skills that will, and already have benefited me. The opportunities in the SRC have allowed us to learn about the community we live in, as well as the wider world. We have gained experience and skills that have enabled myself and other members to thrive in this proactive society.

Each year I acquire more skills that I can implement into all aspects of my schooling as well as everyday life. The SRC has enabled me to gain and improve leadership skills through our participation in many events and fundraisers, in the school and the wider community. I have learnt how to communicate better with my peers, teachers and the school. I have learnt about teamwork, as I work with other SRC members. I have become more confident and learned to be more responsible. All these attributes have developed my leadership skills. This year the skills I have gained from SRC will further improve as all the Year 11’s will mentor a year group through their chosen project for 2018. We hope to teach and guide the students and help them to reach their full potential in the SRC. This Student Representative Council enables us to learn and make us better people and it is with the guidance of the teachers, Ms Miller and Mrs Annan, that we can achieve this.

Today we receive a badge.  This badge holds more than just a name as sits proudly on our shirts. I hope we take this badge with honour and use it to make a difference. Yes, it’s shiny and glistens in the sun, but it’s the opportunities and influence behind this badge, that forms the true reason as to why I put it on. So, I ask that we wear it with gratitude, use each skill we obtain to its full capacity, and take all the opportunities we are given.

Mia Werrett is a Year 11 SRC member

What does SRC mean to me?

Being a part of the SRC since I was in year 7 has been a huge influence on the person I have grown into and the values I uphold. Through the constant mentorship of Ms Miller and Mrs Annan I have been given a platform in order to raise awareness and speak about the relevant issues of today. Being a part of our SRC community has given me the opportunities to proudly represent this school in our wider community when participating in the many events and fundraisers that SRC. The SRC has also given me the opportunity of being a voice for the pupils at this school by supporting the events and fundraisers that we are all passionate about.

One of the highlights that I have thoroughly enjoyed during my time on the SRC is having the chance to give back to the community. Recently we participated in our annual program at Our Big Kitchen in Bondi. We prepared food for Sydney’s disadvantaged and homeless which was distributed on the same night as people were hungry. Our Big Kitchen is an organisation I feel very close to as I have participated in the day for four years now, and I have always left with something new.  It is so important to learn about the new ways we are helping those who are affected by poverty in the wider community. To be contributing and a part of that process of making a difference is extremely important to me. We prepared, cooked and packaged over 250 nutritious meals. We were given a cup of food for lunch, this small proportion of food gave us an insight into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves and increased our awareness of their situation.

I believe we can all say that the experience was extremely gratifying as we all worked hard as a team in order to help others. It is experiences such as these that make the SRC so valuable and one of the greatest opportunities I have been privileged to be a part of in this school. It has meant a great deal to me to be a part of the SRC all these years and I appreciate everything it has taught me.

 Kate Brewer is a Year 10 SSC member

The SSC is a team of hardworking students from Years 7 to 11. We are a team of students that care about the environment and want to promote environmental problems to our peers and the wider community. In the Student Sustainability Team, we get multiple leadership opportunities. One example is being part of the Community of Schools on the Park. This is where we run workshops for primary schools located in the Sutherland Shire.

We also participate in the Speaking for the Planet Competition where we encourage sustainable practices. The SSC spends a lot of time working in the school. In 2017 we fundraised to purchase a new water bottle refill station which is now up and running in C Block. We also spent many hours cleaning up rubbish around the school perimeter in the annual Clean up Australia Day. In recognition of the work we had done in 2017 we celebrated with our annual Zoo Snooze excursion where we spent a night a Taronga Zoo and learnt about the work they do to protect our native species.

I really enjoy being a part of the Student Sustainability Team, as do all my peers. As a group we will continue to promote environmental issues and their solutions, within the school and Sutherland Shire.