Accolades, Awards and Achievements

Engadine High School

Our success stories have been incredible over the past few weeks, with students, teachers and strategic teams being acknowledged for their dedication to learning and the community.

Our wonderful library staff were publicly acknowledged by the Rotary club of Engadine through the ‘Pride of Workmanship’ award for their commitment to the Youth Frontiers program, as well as their approachable manner. 

Year 12 student Blake Williamson won the WorldSkills Zone 2 VET Entertainment Industry competition for his excellence in vocation, technology and service skills. This is an outstanding achievement from a talented young man of whom we are incredibly proud.


Our Top Right team received a NSW Premier’s Finalist Award for their commitment to improving literacy and numeracy skills for our students, as part of the Bump It Up strategy (one of the Premier’s priorities). This team also received an award from the Australian College of Educators (ACE) on World Teachers’ Day, further reinforcing the measured impact the Top Right strategy can have on student learning outcomes.

The Bowerbirds Busting the Bands team also received an ACE award for the dedication to lifting achievement across Stage 6 subjects. This team harnessed our collaborative professional culture to enhance the shared responsibility for high student achievement in all HSC courses. As a rest, we continue to see valued-added growth in student learning from Years 9-12.

And finally, our ‘Three Rivers’ team received an Ultimo Operational Principals Network award for their achievements within our community of schools. The team has developed an evidence-informed peer coaching and mentoring program that builds the capacity of teachers. This program will be implemented as part of our new School Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

Well done to our fabulous school!