HSC Geography Great Barrier Reef Excursion

Engadine High School

In one of the most successful Great Barrier Reef excursions to date, 30 of our HSC Geography students witnessed the beauty and fragility of the Australia’s greatest natural wonder. The five-day excursion was a great learning experience, bolstering their understanding of the first topic of the HSC course: Ecosystems at Risk.

Our journey then took us to Fitzroy Island, around a 45-minute ferry trip from Cairns. On Fitzroy Island we had our first taste of snorkelling, but experienced poor visibility and plenty of damaged coral. We camped the night; after multiple games of slap, frisbee and spotlight. None of us enjoyed the raucous bats in the trees above our tents at 4 in the morning.

The main highlight was boarding a $6 million catamaran for the outer reef, two and half hours from Cairns. Visibility on this day was around 30 metres (!). We visited two reefs and witnessed the marvel and brilliant colour of life that the reef is famous for. Lillian Howard took some great underwater photos of the experience, of which one is attached.

Thanks to Mr Carroll for his role in organising the trip; a rewarding and memorable trip for everyone!