Year 10 Italian pizza making workshop to Roma Capoccia

Engadine High School

On Tuesday 3rd December Prof. Sumertha’s Year 10 Italian class enjoyed their final excursion to Roma Capoccia at Riverwood.

On arrival we met owner Federico, who spoke about migrating to Australia six years ago and opening his restaurant. After retelling the history of pizza, we then completed a quick quiz (with the prize being extra cannoli, we were all quite competitive!) before beginning our pizza making workshop.

In pairs we made our pizzas with whichever toppings we liked, and then we had to put them into the oven, watching them carefully before taking them out with the paddle. Pretty hot work, especially for a summer’s day! After devouring the pizze buonissime for lunch, we enjoyed a dessert of cannoli alla ricotta and cannoli alla Nutella. Federico answered all the questions we had about opening a restaurant, life in Italy, and we also got to speak to his son (in Year 10, too), about the differences between school in Italy and Australia. 

We had a fabulous day out, and those of us continuing Italian in Year 11 and going on the Italy trip in 2020 are looking forward to visiting Federico’s brother’s cafe in Rome next year!