Support Unit Students go on Community Access to the Powerhouse Museum

Engadine High School

The White Class from the Support Unit attends Community Access every Friday. This is where we learn how to catch public transport, order lunch, follow maps and signs and look after our own money visiting various places around Sydney.

On Friday 22nd November we caught the train to Central Station from Engadine and followed the signs to the Powerhouse Museum. The class had a great day looking at the various exhibitions. Some of the memorable displays were the Space exhibition where we saw the Astronaut suit and learnt the astronaut had to stay in the suit for 28 hours at the one time and the Experiments displays where we were allowed to interact to see how things worked. Another highlight was the man playing the pianola, making all the different instrument sounds to the old black and white movie. Students enjoy Community Access. They like the increased independence it gives them and the ability to interact and visit various places in Sydney.