EHS celebrates Wear It Purple Day

Engadine High School

On Friday 23rd August, Engadine High School once again celebrated Wear It Purple Day. Wear It Purple is an Australian organisation dedicated to celebrating diverse genders and sexualities, and promoting the inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community.

As a comprehensive high school responsible for modeling inclusion and the importance of diversity to our social cohesion, we proudly celebrate days and causes like this.


Congratulations to the Wear It Purple student committees, comprised of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who led the day's initiatives. These included a lunchtime Rainbow Festival marked by beautiful student vocal performances and a bake sale to raise funds for the Pride Australia Foundation, a purple flower drive to promote acceptance and inclusion, and the publication of a student 'zine' comprised of student written works. Many students took up the invitation to add purple accessories to their school uniforms with great creativity and flair - thank you for showing your support for Wear It Purple with such spirit and a sense of community.


Thank you also to the students and parents who donated goods to the day's bake sale. It fills our school with pride that our community so readily comes together to get behind these worthy social justice causes. Student leadership in spaces such as this highlights the hope in the future that we can all have with regards to increased inclusion and acceptance of diversity. We look forward to celebrating Wear It Purple in future, and to embodying the cause's values and principles each and every day.


Mr Michael Heron