The Orispace Initiative

Engadine High School

Well done to the three Year 10 students who had the opportunity to attend a workshop by The Orispace Initiative. Click read more to see an article by Year 10 student Lara Proctor about the day.

The Science faculty



Last week three Yr 10 students, Lara, Nell and Thalia had the opportunity to attend ‘The Future of Female Leadership Lunch for Women in Innovation’ by The Orbispace Initiative. The workshop, for Yr 10, 11 and 12 students from schools across NSW's, focused on empowering young womenin STEM and the future of business and entrepreneurship. The girls took a tour through The Sydney Startup Hub to see the diverse working areas and understand todays work culture. They then listened to females that were leaders in their industry. One of the most important things they learnt was that females statistically do better when creating and developing a start up business and increased females in the workplace means they reach performance and sales targets 35% more often. The group of around 50 girls then had the opportunity to participate in a mindfulness session to improve confidence. Finally Lara, Nell and Thalia attended a networking lunch with 50 of Australias top CEO's, business start ups and industry leaders. The girls learnt so much and were grateful for such an incredible opportunity to connect with these inspirationalwomen.