EHS students help to break Guinness record

Engadine High School

Congratulations to the EHS students who helped make 1093 origami dinosaurs to contribute to the world record attempt at Kinokuniya Bookshop in the city.

 Yes our amazing students created 1,093 origami dinosaurs with great care and precision in just a month! As we travelled to the city with our delivery they were still making dinosaurs on the train! Kinokuniya staff were very impressed by their efforts. The students were referred to as 'legends' and their contribution has gone a long way towards breaking the Guinness Book of Records display of 2,...098 origami dinosaurs. The students thoroughly enjoyed being in the gallery space at the bookstore and loved the guided tour by Valerie. Kinokuniya were delighted to display 3051 Apatosaurus in their store, breaking the previous record by nearly 1000 !

 $1000 will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Thanks Kinokuniya Bookstore for inviting us on this fun adventure and providing us with over 2000 sheets of beautiful origimi paper. #ehsmakingadifference Kinokuniya Sydney