Year 7 talk about adventures at camp

Engadine High School

On Wednesday 1st May, Year 7 students made the short journey to Stanwell Tops for a three day camp.

Most people were excited but nervous as they may have to face some of their fears such as heights and being out of their comfort zone. When we got there the boys and girls were split into their separate camping accommodation areas. After lunch we were put into our camp activity groups and met our leaders. We were exhausted after our first day of exciting activities and, after a chicken schnitzel dinner, we watched a movie and settled into bed.


During our camp adventure we encountered many challenges that allowed us to push our limits. With every activity we did, we were encouraged by our peers, leaders and teachers to step out of our comfort zone. They encouraged us to try to go further or higher than we intended to; in doing so we were able to reach for new challenges and succeed. Some of the challenging activities we got to experience over the three days were the giant swing, abseiling, the leap of faith and high ropes.


Although these activities were a challenge, they were fun and rewarding. Staying at camp has taught us many valuable lessons about life. Most of the activities involved teamwork, which required putting faith in our peers, leaders and teachers. We learnt that communication, along with teamwork, are some of the most important qualities to have. Through activities such as survivor, orienteering and leap of faith we built up trust with our peers. Overall camp was fun and enjoyable; it was a great learning experience for everyone. We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who made camp possible: The Tops, our parents and guardians and our teachers for organising such a good time.


Jack Stewart, Archie Farr, Brooke Pollard, Sofia Cutro, Luke Cater-Benjamin, Fletcher Tillett