During the recent April holidays students from Year 12 Modern History and Society & Culture had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam to learn first-hand about the history of the country and the changes it is currently experiencing.

Our journey of discovery began in Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as it is affectionately known to the locals. Three days were spent exploring the history of the Second Indo China War (Vietnam War), with visits to the Chu Chi Tunnels and Reunification Place. It was also an amazing opportunity to visit a local school where we were able to share their experiences with students for Vietnam. Hoping to escape the heat and humidity, we ventured forth to Hoi An, the historic centre of pre-colonial history. While the city was beautiful and provided a change from the fast pace and chaos of Saigon, the weather had followed us. The heat and humidity would be the reality of our time in Vietnam in 2019.

For the remainder of the trip we based ourselves in Hanoi, trekking out to see the natural wonder that is Halong Bay, where we celebrated Easter, and the serenity of Mai Chu Village, where students stayed in traditional stilt houses. While in Hanoi City we were lucky enough to visit the Australian Embassy where we were able to hear first-hand from locals working in the Embassy, what life was like in Vietnam. Cultural traditions and their continuation or abandonment became the focus of the conversation and greatly assisted students of Society & Culture, including myself. During our time here we had the opportunity to visit the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ and the War Remnants Museum to gain greater insight into the Vietnam War. The War Remnants Museum was a thought provoking experience that forced individuals to ponder the effects of war on humanity.

An amazing time was had by all and plans are under way for the next trip.


Liz Robson Year 12

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