'Make a Difference Day' at NSW Parliament House

Engadine High School

On Friday 5th April, two Year 10 SRC students were given the wonderful opportunity to attend NSW Parliament for the ‘Make a Difference Day’ conference.

Throughout the day we had the chance to listen to an interesting keynote speaker, Lilon Bandler, who spoke about her own, and her mother’s experiences on making a difference and how, as young people, we could make a difference in our school, community and in the lives of others. She also spoke about how her mother played an important role in the 1967 Referendum and that from a young age she was inspired to make a difference.

We were also invited to participate in an information session about referendums, plebiscites and some of Australia’s own significant changes such as the 1967 Aboriginal Rights, and 2017 Marriage Equality Referendums. This was followed up with students from a wide variety of schools discussing issues in their communities and school. Topics ranged from cultural discrimination, to implementing more interaction between schools. Students were asked to present the ideas and solutions of their group to the rest of the 120 students that attended the day.

It was wonderful to see students from across Sydney discussing important political topics and addressing concerns they see within their communities. Overall, it was a very beneficial day that allowed us to recognise how to initiate change in our communities and make a difference in our world.


Lara Proctor and Tabitha Sharp, Year 10 SRC Representatives