Red Cross Calling 2019

Engadine High School

Twelve of our students have spent many hours of their own time collecting donations for the Red Cross during the month of March.

Our school is very proud of their ongoing commitment to social justice and making the world a better place. We also wish to acknowledge the local community for their generous donations to the Red Cross.

Red Cross has been reaching out to communities for over 70 years to raise funds to support the great work they do.

Red Cross helps people in need. Whether it’s providing disaster relief, helping vulnerable people in the local community, or providing long term assistance to communities overseas after a disaster, they are always there to support people in times of crisis. Well done to our students who are on the ground helping Red Cross continue their important work.

Some student reflections:

Katrina :               I volunteer because it’s helping others.

Amelia:                 It makes me feel like I’m helping people to make a change.

Erin:                       Helping those who are worse off, who may not be able to have the same advantages as me and hopefully help them in some way.

Elise:                      I knew it would be beneficial to others and I wanted to make a difference. It didn’t take up too much of my time and it could have a large impact for someone less fortunate.

Ella:                        I wanted to make a difference to people in the community and help those in need. It made me feel good because I knew what I was doing was going to benefit others.


Ms Tracey Miller