Our Big Kitchen 2019

Engadine High School

On the 18th February, the SRC volunteered at Our Big Kitchen (OBK). Our Big Kitchen is an organisation that prepares food for disadvantaged people, including the homeless, and domestic violence victims.

The SRC made over 350 meals that were distributed by different charities such as the Salvation Army and Will2Live. Some meals also went to domestic violence shelters.  

The SRC prepared a vegetable ragout with rice and also made cookies with the incredible team at OBK. OBK strongly believes in the nourishment, education, empowerment and support for people in need. Last year Our Big Kitchen distributed over 80 000 meals to disadvantaged Australians, OBK achieves this through the support of volunteers from the community and schools like Engadine High School.

Overall it was an incredibly rewarding day as we were taught about food waste and felt we had made a difference in our community. We all knew that the food we made would make a difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. The day was a great chance to bond for the SRC, particularly because we have lots of new members this year.The SRC is incredibly thankful for this experience and can't wait to contribute next year and many years tocome.

Ellie, Aurelia, Lanna and Lara

SRC Members

Some reflections on the day at Our Big Kitchen

Jess, 16

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the value of food, how our 350 meals could make a dramatic difference in the community. When we dished up our own little snacks into a single cup each we could see the amount, how little some have to survive on. I felt empowered in making a difference.

Olivia, 14

Helping out at Our Big Kitchen gave me a lot of compassion for the less fortunate. I have never really understood how difficult it is to be homeless. Knowing how many meals we made and how much we have helped so many people is an incredible feeling. We will never even meet them.

Shae, 13

Our Big Kitchen was lots of fun. Making food for the homeless made me realise how fortunate we are to have food any time we want. I got a lot out of the experience and I would definitely help Our Big Kitchen again.

Lanna, 13

The day at Our Big Kitchen was an extremely rewarding and educating experience. As we learned about people who are less fortunate. We felt a sense of what it is like to be living in their shoes.

Olivia, 16

Being given the opportunity to attend Our Big Kitchen was such a great experience for me. It made me realise how many people struggle to find meals so they can survive, knowing I had an impact plus helping those people made me feel so happy. The event will; forever stay with me.

Liam, 16

It really hit me how privileged we are. I’m just glad what we do, changes some lives.

Grace, 16

I have been to the Our Big Kitchen for the last 4 years and every year I look forward to that day. To me it’s about the feeling I take home with me after and knowing how I have changed someone’s day or week, that really makes it worthwhile.

Tabitha, 15

Our Big Kitchen was an incredibly rewarding experience which provided a warm meal for the disadvantaged people around Sydney. It was a fun day out, but most importantly, we learnt about the types of people the food goes to, and the impact we have on those people’s lives.

Jeremy, 15

I enjoyed the cooking and the talk that George gave about us helping the homeless community around the city without us seeing their faces.

Lara, 14 

I had a wonderful day and I learnt a lot about food wastage. I felt like I had made a difference within my community and helped many disadvantaged people. It was also great bonding trip with my school SRC.

Chelsea, 15 

Our Big Kitchen was an amazing opportunity for all that attended. It really made us appreciate all that we have and feel empathy for the people we were cooking for. I would definitely go again.