Proud to be a White Ribbon School - 2018 White Ribbon events

Engadine High School

On November 22nd, Engadine High School held its annual White Ribbon assemblies. As a school community, we proudly take a stand against domestic and family violence in this country.

It still remains the case that 1 in 3 women, on average, will be victimised by some form of violence in their lifetime. This year in Australia, close to 2 women per week have been killed in domestic violence incidents. This story needs to change. At Engadine High School, we are writing a new story.


We are so incredibly proud of our staff and student contributors to our White Ribbon initiatives. A special thanks go to our White Ribbon Committee members, who have led a range of activities this week designed to show our support for the effort to end violence against women. These include this week's assemblies, the creation of our 2018 White Ribbon video (see our Facebook page), the creation and display of White Ribbon placards and posters on our school grounds, and a bake sale for which all proceeds will be donated to Amelie House - a local shelter for women and children who have been victimised by domestic violence.


We include here an extract from School Captain Tom Werrett's speech, delivered in our White Ribbon assemblies:


"I have had the unique experience of having a twin sister who I have grown with. She is, genetically speaking, the female version of me, as I am the male version of her. I am proud of the young, independent woman she has become. But how is it fair that she has a much higher chance than me, of being stalked, assaulted, abused, or even killed by a current or former partner? We were born 40 minutes apart, we were raised in the same home, we live in the same society, and yet our chances of being victimised by violence are drastically different. This needs to change.


Ending domestic violence in our society means trying to become better men and women, and ensuring that we form respectful relationships.


My mum and sister are the strongest women I know. As a young man who is surrounded by strong women in my family and school environments, I am filled with hope that we can change the current statistics. All it takes is one voice, and one generation. We are that generation.