Social Justice - Shared Responsibility

Engadine High School

We believe in developing students' capacities to be active global citizens who espouse values of tolerance, inclusivity, respect and altruism. Students across the school are strong advocates for social justice action, as well as change agents who believe they can make a positive difference to the lives of others. Our students participate in a broad range of community and charity events such as Our Big Kitchen to cook meals for the disadvantaged; The World's Greatest Shave where every year we are consistently ranked in the top ten of Australia's biggest fundraisers; and the Red Shield Appeal and Red Cross Door Knock Appeal, where students and teachers dedicate their time to supporting those less fortunate. On a national and international level, our school passionately recognises White Ribbon Day, World Vision, Harmony Day, Wear It Purple Day and Reconciliation Week, advocating initiatives that seek to build respectful and harmonious relationships across our global community.