Science News for September

The first round of ICAS testing has seen some great results in the ICAS science exams. Notably, Aiden Hobbs has gained a distinction, while Jacob Collier, Ashleigh McKeon, Tamara McKeon of Year 9,  Gemma McKeon and Isabelle Elliot from Year 7 receiving a credit.

Year 8 has been investigating the contact and non-contact forces. 

Here is Brodie E showing us what happens when your hair has a lot of static electric non contact force on it!

Year 10 has been investigating forces. Some classes enjoyed making some Lego cars as part of their experimenting with Newton’s three laws of motion.

The Science faculty was also very excited to be the recipient of the Biotechnology Advanced Pack awarded to schools with the highest fundraising record through World’s Greatest Shave. This fully integrated gel electrophoresis system uses the latest and safe blueGelTM electrophoresis. Ground-breaking personal PCR machine will enable Engadine High School to explore modern biology technology, allowing exciting active learning practicals to be conducted:

The kit includes:

Electrophoresis Sickle cell genetics lab – identifying a child with potential sickle cell disease

Electrophoresis Lab: Shark Attack! – students will help marine biologists understand the source of shark attacks that are frightening Australian beachgoers

MiniPCR™ Antibiotic Resistance Lab: Monitoring resistant organisms in the environment – Students are tasked with using PCR and gel electrophoresis to establish whether farms are at risk from antibiotic-resistant bacteria that may be spreading in the environment.

A blood typing kit which enables students to test 4 synthetic blood samples to identify their ABO and Rh blood types.


11th Sep 2020