Science Fun

Year 7, 8 and 9 are about to move to their next topic:

Year 7 are starting “Living things”, Year 8 are starting their Student Research Project while Year 9 are starting Light, Sound and Waves.


Students have access to resources on Moodle as well as The Whole School Google Classroom.

All science teachers have individual class codes so that they can utilise technology to enhance the learning of all students. For more information on your student’s code contact the science faculty. 

Students can login to platforms using their school email. For school based platforms eg Moodle, Google classroom the password is the same as for school email and wifi. 

Students should check their school email regularly for invitations and information.


Students have also been experimenting with the free online textbook, Education Perfect. Students can login through the classcode provided by their teacher.


In science, students are continuing to increase their observation skills by doing some great experiments, many of which can be repeated in the home situation using everyday ingredients.


This week, some students had a lot of fun making rainbow milk to observe the effect of changing variables. 

For safe, fun experiments that can be done at home visit this website:


Marianne Lavidis

Head Teacher Science


30th Apr 2020