Online Learning and COVID from a student perspective

Excitement, Panic and ZOOM! These three words sum up how the past few months have been!

It has been a roller coaster of a year for Year 12 and the students as Engadine High School to say the least. From being told that Term 3 was going to be conducted at home, to hearing that the trials and HSC would be CANCELLED, then being informed that it was back and finally hearing that everything would be running as normal, it certainly has been an unprecedented time!

I think we speak for everyone when we say that in the weeks leading up to online learning, we weren’t exactly disappointed at the prospect of schools being closed. Yet, when time came, for Year 12 especially, the reality of what we would be missing out on really started to hit us. No athletics carnival, no muck-up photo, possibly even no graduation. For the first time, perhaps ever, we were begging for school to go back. 

While online learning was initially confusing in terms of figuring out how to go about our days without the structure and routine of school, once we worked this out, learning from home became a breeze. With the support of our teachers, who were always ready to help us in understanding the work, we gained independence and began to thrive in our home environment.

Zoom lessons proved to be an interesting experience for everyone. Between figuring out how to actually get your camera and microphone set up to then muting yourself so that your class couldn’t hear your mum yelling, or dogs barking – the shift to online learning was certainly a colourful experience.

Coming back to school certainly was a big shock. Despite being a high school student for the past 5 years, funnily enough it felt really uncomfortable to be back. Seeing everyone again felt a little weird, wiping down tables every two periods at first seemed ridiculous, being met at the gate with hand sanitiser and having one class split across two rooms sounded impossible. However, through the students’ and teacher commitment, within two weeks, everything was back to normal. We can confidently say that students have well and truly settled back into their school routines and are motivated to achieve exceptional academic and extracurricular results!


05th Jun 2020