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Bushcare fair

16 Aug 2019


From the Principal

02 Aug 2019

Being a parent is the most complex, ever challenging, and changing role most of us will ever assume.


It is a bit like teaching in that prior to having our own children we all think we are experts as we all have been children, just as all parents assume a knowledge of schools based on their own attendance from 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. The reality is that our own experiences as a child often bares little relationship to being a parent. I believe our role as parents and as teachers is to protect, challenge and to model how to manage risks for our children as they move through the treacherous waters of adolescence.

Winning Speech

02 Aug 2019

Kate Brewer delivered her ‘Speaking for the Planet’ award winning speech at ToastMasters Sutherland. Kate spoke about this year's World Environment Day theme which is “The Air that we Breathe”. The audience was highly impressed with her confidence and obvious passion for the topic. Engadine High School is very proud of Kate and her achievements in the Student Sustainability Council and broader school community.

Linkages - Visual Art

02 Aug 2019

Linkages groups that visited the Art Faculty looked at scale and how we apply this numeracy element in Visual Arts. Students took a small image and using measurements and a grid system, transferred a small image onto a larger scale following the grids. This is a skill that we often need in Visual Arts. Students found this a challenging but engaging task.

Linkages - Science

02 Aug 2019

Year 6 students who attended Science as part of their Linkages Day were able to extend their numeracy and measurement skills using the same digital and analogue equipment they will use in Year 7.