40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge

Engadine High School

Engadine High School is the third highest fundraising school in Australia raising an incredible $22,306 for World Vision Projects in the Middle East and Africa.

 Some 140 students have stood up to the biggest humanitarian crisis of our generation by taking up the challenge to live like a refugee for 40 hours. Globally, more than 65.5 million people have been displaced due to war and natural disasters. More than half are children.

Our students committed to living out of a backpack and completing a number of additional challenges to raise funds for refugee and displaced children from Syria and South Sudan. The students packed essential items such as food, water, warm clothing and bedding. World Vision sent the participants live challenges throughout the 40 hours to mirror the difficulties faced by refugee children around the world. For example, the students received an alert that their camp was no longer safe so they had to relocate their shelter, at one point they had to lose the heaviest item from their backpack and when they woke on Sunday morning they were only to consume water until the end of the challenge at 12pm. Many found the challenge of forgoing the use of limb for an extended period of time, due to injury from a landmine, very challenging.

The Year 11 Committee members launched the Challenge in Week 2 and delivered lessons to Years 7 and 8 focussing on the refugee crisis. These lessons were professionally delivered by our students which included a number of video clips from the affected regions. The Year 11 Committee members are commended on their commitment to this campaign.

We have set a new record for Engadine High School raising $22,306.  We are currently ranked the third highest school fundraiser in Australia. Year 7 as a stand-alone group are currently ranked the fifth highest fundraiser in all of Australia.


Congratulations to Year 7 and 8 students for raising extraordinary amounts of money for World Vision. A huge thank you to all the family and friends who have generously sponsored and supported these students throughout the Challenge.

Our Engadine High Leader board stands at:

Year 7 - $9,499

Year 8 - $6,322

Year 11 - $1,788

Year 10 - $1,760

Year 12 - $1,511

Year 9 - $1,122

TOTAL = $22, 306  (and this continues to grow)