Engadine High again going for gold!

Engadine High School

F1 in Schools is an internationally recognised competition in which school students around the world design and manufacture small formula one cars and race

 them with other teams in their area.

They compete at the regional competition, then state, then national, then international. This competition brings the best out of high school students everywhere and has a huge prize for 1st place. Being in a team like this requires dedication as there are many jobs and roles.

 Velocity is a team of five Year 9 students competing in the F1 in Schools™National Finals. The team won both the regional and state competition and is now competing to be the best team in Australia in the development class. Our school has a proud tradition of success in this competition having competed at 3 International competitions representing Australia.

Velocitywon 3 awards at the regional competition including regional champions of the development class.At the state competition, Velocity won the following awards:

  • State Champions - Development Class

  • Best Engineered 

  • Best Engineering CAD 

  • Best Manufactured Car

  • Best Graphics Design 

  • Best Managed Enterprise

  • Best Team Portfolio

In addition to designing a car, teams in the competition must also design a brand complete with a logo, colour scheme and style guide and a pit (a display of the team’s work shown at the event). This task is taken on by the team’s graphics designer. Another extremely large task the team must complete is writing a portfolio, which documents the team’s work and accomplishments and explains in great detail how this work was completed. In preparation for the competition, F1 in Schools™ teams must also write speeches that discuss their work to present to a group of judges, which is marked and added to the team’s overall score. This score combined with the score from the races, pit display, branding, portfolio, engineering and manufacturing is what creates teams’ final scores.  These scores are what determine which teams win and advance to the next level (except for internationals, as it is the highest level).

As teams advance from the regional competition, F1 in Schools™ teams have to raise money to get to the competition as there are many expenses, such as portfolio printing, team uniforms, travel and accommodation (for Nationals and Internationals). They do this by hosting fundraisers and obtaining sponsorship. Velocity has been sponsored by many businesses to pay for the expenses of the F1 in Schools™ Competition, these sponsors include Sutherland Mazda, Komatsu, the Shire Speed and Strength Gym, the West Engadine Pharmacy and Harry Bargwanna Automotives. Komatsu, along with financially supporting the team, collaborated with the team to improve the car design. Velocity would like to thank these businesses for their support of the team and their contributions.

After a lot of hard work, the team is now preparing for the National Competition in Adelaide from 26th February 2017 to 2nd March 2017, competing to be National Champions.

By Ben Green, Team Manager for Velocity