ART RULES 2016 Exhibition Selection

Engadine High School

Dean Salucci’s HSC Visual Arts Body of Work has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming Art Rules 2016

exhibition to be held in the Community Gallery at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre from Sat 10 December 2016 – Sun 22 January 2017. Art Rules is an annual exhibition showcasing the talents of our local young artists. The exhibition features HSC artworks from a selection of High Schools within the Sutherland Shire and St George areas. We would like to congratulate Dean on this wonderful accolade which acknowledges his skill and creativity in the Visual Arts.

“Your freedom is withering away, littering the streets and clogging the gutters. I will always find you. Nowhere to hide.”


“There is nothing to fear about losing yourself. This will be your new tranquillity, you may stay here too, if you’d like.”


“You were always so brittle. Now breakaway, like leaves in the winter. No support can ever hold you up now.”


“It has been coming for a while now… The wave of change… It will sweep you away… Your life will never be the same, ever again…”