Legacy – A Day with the Naval Forces

Engadine High School

Five of our students were among the Top 10 Fundraisers in NSW for Legacy’s Badge Day. As a reward for their efforts they were invited to spend the day with the Navy on HMAS ANZAC at Garden Island.

Former and current SRC members, Grace Christie, Jacob Kirton, Callum Vella and Caitlyn Vella from Year 9 and Elizabeth James from Year 11 thoroughly enjoyed this rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of our Naval Forces.

As members of a small group of just nine students they participated in a two hour personalised tour of HMAS ANZAC. Lieutenant Willis and Lieutenant Morthope took the students on a very interesting tour of the ship. HMAS ANZAC had only returned to port the day prior to our visit. The students spent time on the bridge, below decks, in the engine room and the galley where some amazing food was being served to the 150 personnel. The students were extremely fortunate to be taken into the Operations Centre of the ship and the Artillery Room.  It was very high security and a fascinating experience.

Following the tour of the ship the students were invited to the Heritage Museum to hear about the history of Garden Island. The students were most deserving of this wonderful opportunity having given so much of their time to fundraise for Legacy in 2016. It was an experience they will not forget.