World's Greatest Shave showcases our community spirit

Engadine High School

Engadine High School has once again showcased outstanding community spirit that embodies generosity and goodwill towards others! We raised over $27,000

as part of the World's Greatest Shave extravaganza, placing us, at present, in the top 10 fundraisers in Australia!

Over 40 brave teachers and students shaved, cut and coloured their locks. Several students individually raised over $1000 each, with Keelan Jenkins raising over $2000 himself. We are incredibly proud of everyone who were 'brave and shaved' as well as those who generously donated to this important cause.

A special thanks to the wonderful women from Zealous Hair @ Engadine who donated their time to support us.

What an outstanding community of which we are all a part!

You can still make donations via the link:…/TeamFundraising…

& well done to everyone involved!