White Ribbon Day 2015

Engadine High School

 Click on the video created by our male students to see their powerful message about breaking the silence around domestic violence, as part of our social justice campaign for White Ribbon Week 2015.

Engadine High School's male teachers and students have led initiatives throughout the week, as part of our social justice campaign to put an end to domestic violence. The White Ribbon team created a White Garden as a symbolic representation of the pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women, using various plants that bloom white flowers in Spring. This garden will serve as a reminder of the oath and encourage all students to reflect on the importance of standing up and speaking out against domestic violence. Our White Ribbon Day assembly today was an incredibly moving and respectful occasion led by inspiring young male students and teachers, who shared both confronting statistical information as well as inspiring stories of courage. Their collective voices emphasised the ways in which men can change the story and put an end to domestic violence.