Introducing the Student Representative Council for 2018

Engadine High School

Congratulations to our newly elected SRC for 2018. The students listed below were democratically elected by their peers and staff to represent their respective year groups in 2018. Being a member of the SRC is a year-long commitment to improving the school, being involved in community projects and to promoting social justice.

A formal induction ceremony will take place mid this term. Family members will be invited to this celebration.

Our first project for 2018 will focus on raising funds for our sponsor child, Romani, from Ethiopia. The SRC will also be volunteering at Our Big Kitchen on Monday, 26 February. Our Big Kitchen is a community run kitchen located in Bondi, Sydney. The students will prepare, cook and package meals which will be distributed to Sydney’s disadvantaged and homeless people that evening.

Our EHS SRC model encourages the Year 11 students to mentor the younger students. The election for Year 7 representatives will take place early in Term 2.

SRC 2018

Year 8 - Imagen Bursill, Aurelia Farr, Eleanor Long, Felcitiy Ryan-Sweeney, Luke Christie, Zyles Grieff, Jackson Sloggett and Freddie Stamps.

Year 11 Mentors: Tom Werrett and Isla Evans

Year 9 – Stephanie Duric, Piper Ferguson, Chelsea Holmes, Madison Rea, Tabitha Sharp , Zack Johnson, Dane Nelson, William Nesevski and Reagan Shields

Year 11 Mentors:  Ella Short and Lachlan Crawford

Year 10 – Grace Christie, Tarleigh Grieff, Raina Mifsud, Caitlin Vella, Liam Clark, Damon Goodyer, Lachie McRae and Callum Vella

Year 11 Mentors: Nellie Breese, Tanisha Witt and Jackson Heffernan

Elyshia Condren and Max O’Shea will mentor Year 7 from Term 2.

Mia Werrett and Gabe Coggan will be responsible for communicating with Years 11 and 12.

Congratulations again to this wonderful team of leaders. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and making a difference.

Ms Tracey Miller and Mrs Elizabeth Annan

SRC Coordinators