Starting the year in the Library

Engadine High School


A warm welcome back to our school community and a special welcome to our Year 7 students.

Opening Hours

The Library is open every day from 8:15am until 3:30pm. The Homework Centre operates in the Library on Thursday afternoons from 3:05 until 5:00pm. Students are encouraged to make use of this quiet space for study, to seek teacher assistance and access all of the Library resources. Students have access to 34 desktop computers, printing, photocopying and over 18,000 resources.

Digital Resources

A reminder to all students and their families that the Library has a range of excellent reliable resources available online 24/7.  Students are encouraged to access the new Library system – Oliver via the DoE Student Portaland conduct a Federated Search to access a range of online resources provided by the Department of Education (DoE) and Engadine High School.

EHS Library subscribes to LinksPlus – Weblinks Online. Using Federated Search on Oliver students have access to over 15,000 websites that have been evaluated by teachers and teacher-librarians. Students are encouraged to use these reliable websites.

See our Library page on the EHS website for a step by step guides and additional information.

Students have access to Britannica School and digital subscriptions such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Time Magazine and Issues in Society. They also have access 24/7 toClickView Online – an online video library containing over 4,225 educational videos. Additional information can be found on our Library Webpage in the link below or simply log into Moodle – Library – Library e-Resources for direct access.


Students have access to 1,512 eBooks. These can be borrowed via the EHS Website Homepage or through Oliver.  See the link below for more detailed instructions on how to access these.

Information Processing Skills Lessons

As part of the English Program all Year 7 students have one Library based lesson per cycle. The students are explicitly taught how to locate and select resources both in our physical library and beyond including all the digital resources mentioned above. Students from Years 8-12 also have research based lessons in the Library within a number of subject areas.

We look forward to continuing to provide an inclusive, dynamic, information rich learning environment that supports the learning needs of our students.

Ms Tracey Miller – Teacher Librarian / SRC Coordinator

Mrs Kerry Bell and Mrs Sandra Zantides – SASS Library Assistants