From the Deputies

Engadine High School


Goethe’s famous adage ‘Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid’ was certainly visible across our incredible school this term as many students boldly accepted the challenges set before them, with the support from our mighty school community indeed coming to their aid.

We have proudly seen many outstanding student achievements this term. In particular, we’d like to acknowledge the students who actively participated in our social justice activities such as the 40 Hr Backpack Challenge, Legacy Week, and Wear it Purple day. Your active leadership of and participation in these events demonstrates the strong empathy that underpins our school culture. We also continued to have many students involved in community initiatives from the White Ribbon Conference, mock United Nations seminars, HitachiomiyaJapanese exchange program (as well as the wonderful families who hosted a Japanese buddy), the Southern Stars extravaganza, and the groovin’ Swing Machinewho resonated good vibes at the Engadine Public School fete. Furthermore, over half of Year 12 students submitted at least one major project this term, reflecting not only the breadth of curriculum offered at our school, but also the strength of creativity and innovation within our talented young people. Based on the high quality of the projects submitted, we are more than confident that 2017 will be another outstanding year of HSC success for students and the school. Thank you to all our families for your unwavering support and for ensuring our school community continues to be a thriving and collaborative learning environment. Well done to all students for your ongoing commitment to your own learning, as well as your capacity for resilience and self-motivation

These important accolades are also testament to the shared vision and shared ambition that exists across our aspirational school. Our high quality teachers not only have a learning intention when they walk into a classroom, but they have a passionate dedication to every child’s future. We are committed to building the resilience and empathy of our young people because we know that if they become powerful innovators and creators, following their passion and enhancing their strengths, they will flourish in a world of uncertainty and instability. We know it’s not just about ‘problem solving’ through our Project-Based Learning initiatives, but more importantly learning what problems are actually worth solving. We know that when our students realise their capacity and creative value, they will find a true sense of happiness. Our young people do this by questioning everything, challenging assumptions and embracing set-backs along the way, and we believe this is what ensures our school is a front runner of exemplary education that continues to meet the changing needs of every student, in every classroom, every day.

Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful School Administrative Support (SAS) staff for their tireless behind-the-scenes work that ensure the effective operation and administration of our school. It is SAS staff recognition week, and so we acknowledged our appreciation, by all staff wearing a cobalt blue ribbon (the colour of their attire in the front office), the Executive team catering lunch on Wednesday with a delicious buffet, a bountiful breakfast on Thursday morning at Figgies, a scrumptious cake made just for them, and plenty of lollies, dress ups and decorations throughout the week. Obviously, we love our SAS!

Mrs Renee Holz & Mr Nathan Redmayne
Deputy Principals