Introducing our new sponsor child!

Engadine High School

Over the past ten years, Engadine High has sponsored Hamaz from Ethiopia through Plan International. Our school watched as he progressed through school, and now that he has finished, we wished to help give another child and their community the same opportunities.

Introducing Romani, a 9 year old girl from Ethiopia. Romani lives with her parents and sister in a house made of bamboo and mud with a metal roof and dirt floor. This family’s main source of water is a spring, up to an hour away, while the nearest health facility is about 45 minutes away. In her home country of Ethiopia, around half of Ethiopia’s 75 million inhabitants live in extreme poverty, and 205,000 children under five die of preventable or treatable diseases.

The money we send in sponsorship not only helps Romani through school, but assists the wider community. Fewer than half of the pregnant women in Ethiopia receive antenatal care, and a trained midwife attends only a small fraction of deliveries. Because of this, babies in Ethiopia are perishing due to the lack of proper care they require. Plan International helps health centres construct dedicated maternity wings and provides specialist neonatal and infant health training for healthcare workers. Clean water is also essential for good health, which is why Plan International is helping communities construct clean water supplies, like wells and boreholes. Also, funds allow for villages and schools to build safe, hygienic toilets so that people no longer have to go outdoors, reducing the spread of water-borne diseases.

In the future, the SRC plan to organise a fundraiser in order to raise money for Romani and her community, so when the time comes, please get involved!

Cassie Hilton and Year 10 SRC