Beanie for Brain Cancer Fundraiser

Engadine High School


On the 14th August, the Year 8 SRC received a letter from the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) congratulating us on our wonderful achievement of raising over $1000 for the Beanie for Brian Cancer Campaign!  Written by Mark Hughes, the letter thanks us and states that they are “delighted to announce we have reached an amazing 2 million dollars and counting.” We are so glad to hear that our donation will help advance brain cancer research.

The money will go towards their fellowship, the Matt Calendar Fellowship. This fellowship will advance brain cancer research by supporting a talented highly qualified medical researcher.

Brain cancer is the biggest killer of adults under 40 and it kills more children in Australia than any other disease – yet it is the most underfunded and under researched cancers of all.

In return Engadine High School and its local community has not only helped the MHF get over $2 million but raised awareness of brain cancer. Year 8 SRC would like to thank everyone for their donation.

Year 8 SRC Members – Brad, James, Reagan, Piper, Chelsea and Bree