Footy Colours Day is coming soon!

Engadine High School

Show your true footy colours and make a difference to the lives of kids and young people living with and fighting cancer on Friday 15th of September!

Year 7 students from the SRC encourage you to wear your favourite footy colours such as a jersey, scarf, beanie or socks as part of your school uniform next Friday and donate just $2 which will support the work of the Fight Cancer Foundation.

We are also selling hot dogs and cold drinks on the oval at lunch.

Please sign up for the soccer round robin which will be held during lunch on the oval. Your team must have 9 players (including a teacher) and the cost of registering the team is $20. Please sign up in the PDHPE staffroom.

Since 2005, Fight Cancer Foundation has used funds raised through Footy Colours Day to help young people continue getting their education whilst they receive treatment for cancer.

We look forward to your support next Friday, 15th September.

Year 7 SRC