Students collect over $1300 for the Legacy Foundation on Legacy Badge Day 2017

Engadine High School


Twelve of our students volunteered their own time to sell official merchandise for Legacy throughout last week. The students sold to the staff and students at school and then spent most of Friday 1 September selling to our local community in the vicinity of Engadine Town Square.

We are extremely proud of our students who thoroughly enjoyed conversing with community members while collecting over $1300 for the Legacy Foundation.

Legacy is a unique Australian organisation dedicated to the welfare of the widows and dependent children of defence force personnel killed in war or whilst training, on peacekeeping or other hazardous missions, or who have passed away as a result of their service.

The $1300 the students collected from the Engadine community supports Legacy’s important services across Australia. Legacy provides advice and practical assistance for our widows with pension entitlements, residential care, and home maintenance, medical, financial and social support.

Legacy children receive support for their education, attendance at holiday camps, pocket money and other special requirements to ensure they receive the same opportunities as any other family.  Legacy also provides recreational and educational outings, necessary for self-development for Legacy people with a disability.

Thank you to the following students:

Year 7 – Zyles Grieff and Riley McRae

Year 8 – Bradley Janbroers and Zack Johnson

Year 9 – Grace Christie, Jake Cooper, Jake Dunn, Tarleigh Grieff, Jacob Kirton, Joel Parker, Caitlyn Vella and Callum Vella.

“Selling merchandise for Legacy made me feel good because I knew

 I was helping a good cause. I really enjoyed chatting to the customers

in the Town Square. It is important help others who are in need”.

Zyles  Grieff