From the Deputies

Engadine High School

And so another term has come to an end, and this one marks an important milestone for our students who have received their half yearly reports, school photos, and completed Trial HSC exams.

It is a time for celebration of achievement, but also reflection on those achievements and how we can make a positive difference to our learning and experiences next term.

We have watched many students this term achieve greatness in their academic, sporting, performing arts, and leadership endeavours, and we are continually humbled by the passionate efforts of our school community in giving generously to many charities. Our school is rich with community spirit and champions the impact individuals can have on a global scale. The amount of money raised across our community this year is not only impressive for a high school, but also testament to the broader generosity of our Engadine community, and we thank you for that.

Next term will begin with Parent Teacher Evening for Years 8, 9 and 10 students on Tuesday 18th July, where staff will be available to discuss the learning and wellbeing needs with parents. We are certain the Achievement Assemblies during Week 1 will be filled with accolades celebrating the tenacity and determination of many students across the school, and look forward to seeing many parents there to join in the celebration.

Finally, we wish all of our families a safe and warm holiday break, and look forward to embarking on the next step of the 2017 journey in Term 3!