From the Year 8 Year Advisers

Engadine High School


Year 8 have been involved in many activities this term.

Year 8 Debating

On Monday of Week 10, our Year 8 debating teams competed in the Premier’s Debating Challenge with Endeavour High School. Our two teams performed very well, and highlighted their skills as strong debaters. Team A, consisting of: Kayla Kocyitgit, Lara Proctor, Flynn Kreshl and Jackson Foster, won their debate. They argued that ‘junk food advertising should not be banned’. The team had many strong points about the economy, small businesses and personal responsibility. Overall, it was an impressive team effort from our A team! Team B also had a strong debate; however, they closely lost to the Endeavour team. Team B argued that ‘technology should be banned in the classroom’. Their arguments were centred on ideas like distraction, and the affordability of IPads.

I would like to congratulate both teams on an excellent effort. Both teams are going to focus on working to strengthen their rebuttals for the next debate in Term 3.



Year 8 Verbal Combat and Subject selection

Year 8 have continued to build on their confidence, resilience and teamwork during the course of Semester 1. Year 8 participated in the Verbal Combat performance and saw first-hand the challenges of social media in today’s society. They also met with the Police Liaison Officer to explore the safe use of technology in the 21st century. All students approached these events with maturity and with an open mind and came away with a wide variety of skills and resources to continue to build their resilience and ability to make the best independent decisions. Year 8 have also recently chosen their course electives for 2018 with record turnouts for the information evening at Engadine High School. Overall, we are very impressed with such a dedicated year group who are striving to achieve good quality academic results, whilst continuing to identify their areas of interest and passion moving into the senior school.