From the Principal

Engadine High School

I am forever grateful for the exciting opportunities and experiences I am able to enjoy every day at EHS. In a world where it is tempting to sometimes question our optimism when we view the future, I am committed to elevating our young people to be the positive change agents of the future.

With a burgeoning interest in being global citizens, our students must learn the protocols of communicating without cultural offence. The array of excursions, incursions and different learning experiences enhance the learning for all of our community.

I am very grateful to our parents who entrust us with their children as we expose them to a world well beyond their comfort zone. Whether it is Vietnam, America or Italy or a day learning about bush tucker and sustainability, I know that our parents make sacrifices which give their children opportunities to become effective learners in an increasingly global world.

 It is often commented upon by visitors to EHS that our school seems extremely calm, our students content, happy and extremely polite. It may seem a little old-fashioned but I hold very strongly to the importance of manners.

These agreed set of behaviours to negotiate human interactions suggest a respect and humility which is rarely not noticed by others. A well-mannered child from EHS in the community is the one most touted by members of the public who contacted us. To those students who thank their teachers after a lesson, I acknowledge you. To the parents and students who expressed their gratitude towards our staff who led them on their recent overseas adventures, I in turn thank you! Demonstrating politeness has the capacity to endear yourself to others to break down barriers, acknowledge difference and even avert conflict.

Ms Kerrie Jones