Go Global

Engadine High School


Go Global is a single day event held at the University of Sydney that grants students in Year 12  who are considering continuing their secondary school language studies - or simply starting from scratch - the opportunity to experience the programs and languages that UOS has to offer.

Last week, students from the Year 12 Italian Beginners course travelled to the University of Sydney to participate and immerse themselves in the language. The event also took place during O-Week, which served to be an additional experience for the students in itself, as their eyes were opened to the diverse range of societies available for an abundance interests and preferences, all the while being treated to freebies. 

After a brief albeit informative introduction to languages, the students were split into language-specific university style tutorial sessions. The Italian Beginners from Engadine High were privy to seminars spoken in both Italian and English that provided insight into potential career paths and activities on medieval and modern day Italian, such as Dante‚Äôs Divine Comedy, a long narrative poem written in the 1300s. The students found the event beneficial for their futures and were pleased with their broadened Italian horizons.  

Amy Solylo Year 12