40 HF Backpack Challenge – 6th – 8th September

Engadine High School

The 2019 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge was launched last week by Philippa Paull from World Vision and our EHS Year 11 Committee. This week Committee members addressed all the Year Meetings and demonstrated what could be placed in a backpack for the Challenge.

The Committee are encouraging students to join the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge and take a stand for young refugees around the world. You'll unite with thousands of other Australians to lead global change by raising funds for young people who've been forced to flee their homes. Take up the challenge and commit to living out of your backpack with only essentials for 40 hours.

Globally there are 70.8 million refugee and displaced people - among them 25.9 million refugees and more than half that number are under the age of 18.

Additional information can be found on the website - https://www.40hourfamine.com.au/

We encourage all students to sign up in the Library with the assistance of the Committee members. If this is not possible please ensure that you join an Engadine High Team in the sign up. Permission notes are available in the Library or on the website in Forms and Notes.

See the Committee members in the Library before school, at recess or lunch for assistance.

We are thrilled that in just over a week we have managed to raise over $1600. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support World Vision Programs. World Vision is responding to the needs of thousands of refugees across the globe. Money raised through the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge helps support the needs of refugees and displaced people through things like emergency relief, supplementary food, nutrition and hygiene support, education and maternal and child health care. We invite you to be part of the solution. If you wish to donate to a student or year group at Engadine High please use the link below.


EHS Stats and Leaderboard

Position – 15 (in Australia)

Funds Raised - $1,632

Teams – 6

Individuals – 78

Top Fundraisers

Year 7 - $558

Year 8 - $403

Year 9 - $363

Year 11 - $254

Year 10 - $53

The Year 11 Backpack Challenge Committee are hosting a concert next Tuesday in the hall to raise funds for their Challenge. All students are invited to the concert at lunch time. Donations will be taken at the door and home baked treats will be on sale. All proceeds go to the Year 11 team.