Hospitality students find out about food sustainability

Engadine High School

On Friday 23rd November Year 10 and 11 Food Technology and Year 11 Hospitality students participated in a food sustainability incursion.

As part of this incursion students listened to presentations from guest speakers Olympia Yargar from GoTerra and Leonie Dillon from OzHarvest and adapted a traditional recipe to cook with insect protein.

GoTerra is is a waste management company based in Canberra who raise insects on food waste. Insects raised by GoTerra are sold as a protein alternative to restaurants and food producers as well as an alternative livestock feed compound for Primary Producers. Olympia explained to students the impact of farming and raising livestock on the environment as well as the decline in availability of these products to feed the future population, providing an opportunity of new types of protein options for consumers and the market. As part of Olympia’s presentation she explained how insects are raised and highlighted the benefits of using them including utilising food waste, which is a contributing factor to greenhouse gases and eating them as a protein source as they have 60% more protein per 100g than a steak. Students were able to taste and interact with mealworms that currently raised and sold to many countries and companies around the world for human consumption in food products such as the Ikea mealworm burger, and were able to build their own mealworm farm. 

Ozharvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities supporting people in need across the country. Leonie explained to students how much water and other resources go into producing the food we eat and the impact of that on the environment during production and at the end of the line when food enters landfill.  

After both presentations students took a traditional gingerbread man and chocolate shake recipe and modified them to include the cricket protein powder.

Ms Laura Borg

TAS Teacher