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Engadine High School

From the Principal

06 Apr 2018

As I have spoken of many times before, we are committed as a school to affording students every possible opportunity to participate, lead, be engaged with, learn from, teach and share activities and endeavours beyond the classroom.

Purple Class is caring for our environment

06 Apr 2018

As part of our Term 1 unit of work “Caring for our Environment”, students have studied the impact of littering and pollution on our beaches and marine life. We went on excursion to Bondi Beach to examine the wall murals and the advertising campaigns to promote environmental efforts to keep beaches clean.


Legacy's "A Day with the Forces" - The Australian Army

06 Apr 2018

As a special thank you for their invaluable assistance during the 2017 Legacy Badge Day, Brad Janbroers and Zack Johnson from Year 9 were invited to attend a ‘Day with the Army’ at Holsworthy Barracks.

Year 9 interact with Science and Forces

06 Apr 2018

In Year 9, students learn to apply Newtonian physics by experimenting with balanced and unbalanced forces. One such activity is using paper planes to investigate lift, thrust, drag and gravity. Year 9 are also experimenting with magnetic and electrostatic forces.


Girls' Softball

06 Apr 2018

The girls’ softball team has had another successful Sydney East tournament. Our wins were against South Sydney 13-4, Woolooware High 9-5, Heathcote High 11-0 and Menai High 17-1. This makes 4 years in a row Sydney East Champions!