Transition from Primary

The Linkages program at Engadine High School has been in place for over twelve years and has been recognised on two occasions with a Director-General’s Award. We work closely with Engadine, Engadine West, Marton and Yarrawarrah Public Schools to implement the explicit teaching of literacy, numeracy and study skills, in addition to programs in creative and performing arts and sport.

Band Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. This program is extremely popular with Year 6 students. During Term 4, Year 6 students who are attending Engadine High in the following year, attend rehearsals before school with high school band members. They then perform with the Engadine High School Concert Band at our official Presentation Night.

Dance Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. During Term 3, Dance workshops are offered to students from Years 5 and 6. These practical workshops are run by our staff and supported by students from Years 9 and 10.

Year 6 students enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills in contemporary dance whilst making social connections with current students by attending rehearsals before school during Term 4.

They then perform at the Engadine High Dance Showcase Evening at the end of the year.

Drama Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Years 5 and 6 students love to indulge in Drama and our Drama teachers enjoy running workshops with them in Term 3 each year. Our Drama staff visit each local primary school on request and run sessions which can be later used by primary teachers.

HSIE Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. After receiving expressions of interest, the history staff visit all interested schools to deliver a show stopping, one hour interactive seminar, full of relevant and exciting activities to bring history alive. Some of these activities include solving detective mysteries, a mock archaeology activity and an Ancient Egypt primer, including mummification.

Year 6 Enrichment Course

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Identified Year 6 Gifted and Talented students participate in a weekly series of workshops at Engadine High School during Term 2. The program caters for gifted children by providing challenging activities which will broaden their perspective on learning.

Each Wednesday, these young students participate in a series of workshops that will enable them to be immersed in particular topics and mini-projects including in science, archaeology, literature and the humanities.

Targeted Writers’ Group

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Identified Year 6 writing enthusiasts attend a talented writers’ workshop which is run by teachers from the English faculty. Time is spent further developing their skills as writers. Students love spending time in small group sessions with staff to explore literature and challenge themselves.

Literacy Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Students from Years 5 and 6 visit Engadine High to attend a morning writing workshop that is run by English teachers and students from the Year 10 Selective classes. The afternoon session involves Year 5 students participating in demonstration lessons which are taught by high school staff. A sausage sizzle is organised by the SRC and is always a treat! It is a great opportunity for students from across our four main local schools to mingle with each other.

PDHPE Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Expressions of interest from local primary schools are used to choose appropriate Year 6 students to attend one hour sessions with a PDHPE teacher with expertise in coaching and gifted students of sport. This occurs for approximately three weeks each year.

Numeracy Linkages

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. Year 6 students attend a morning session of interactive fun in numeracy which is led by the Mathematics Head Teacher, the Numeracy team and students from the Year 10 Selective class. They then participate in demonstration lessons taught by high school staff in a range of subjects including Music, Science, Design and Technology and Languages.

Transition Day

Not running in 2020 due to COVID. This is an important occasion where all Year 6 students who will be attending Engadine High in the following year, come together for the first time. They participate in some on-line testing which helps to inform the two selective classes followed by activities and lessons with high school staff and students.

Orientation Day

This is a state-wide event where all Year 6 students visit the high school that they will be attending the following year. We take this opportunity to sell school uniforms; run a parent information session; run peer support groups; and, once again students participate in demonstration lessons.


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