Learning Support

Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team’s role is to provide assistance to any student who requires learning support in the mainstream.

It is a highly active team consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principals, Careers Adviser, Head Teachers of Secondary Studies and Support, Counsellor, targeted staff who lead specific programs.

The Gonski funds have enabled the school to provide additional support to a large number of students as well as extra training for staff.  These students would not recieve any additional funding or support under previous resource models.

A broad range of specific programs are run to address individual learning needs. Some of these include:

  • MULTILIT – research-based reading/literacy support
  • Reading On – extending students with previous literacy struggles
  • Executive Functioning Training to help students develop thinking and decision making skills
  • Secret Agent Society social skills and social comprehension
  • EHS Mentoring Program – individual or small group mentoring to increase engagement and support transition to work or tertiary education.
  • Gifted and Talented student identification, achievement tracking, and academic support
  • Data tracking program to monitor the achievement trajectories of students as they progress through school

At different times in their school career many students will require additional help. Parents or students who feel they might need some assistance should contact Mr Heron who leads and manages the Learning Support team or one of the school counsellors.

Team Members

  •  Head Teacher Secondary Studies
  •  Learning and Support Teachers
  •  Head Teacher Support
  •  Careers Adviser
  •  School Counsellors
  •  A team of dynamic and professional mainstream Student Learning Support Officers  who provide in-class support, deliver withdrawal programs, and help to   administer Learning Support Team operations

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